Save fuel savings and subscribe to a green and cleaner environment.

Fuel Savings

Approximately 10%
with some vehicles recording
as much as 22%

Reduces Emissions

Reduce Emissions
by over 60%

Decarbonises Engine

Decarbonises your

Extend DPF Life

Extend the life of your DPF
(Diesel Particulate Filter)

Extend Catalytic Converter Life

Extend the life of your
Catalytic Converter.


Our Patented Fuel Saving Units work by simply placing the unit inline between the fuel tank and the injection rail. The Units can be installed at the fuel filter or fuel pump underneath at the frame or at the injection rail in the engine compartment. All units should if possible be installed in the engine compartment. Our fuel economizers work by reconditioning hydrocarbons at a molecular level. We enhance the fuel to help the injectors make a better and more complete burn and in return your engine will burn the fuel more completely. When the units create a more complete burn it results in the following:

  • Fuel savings an average of 10 to 15 percent
  • Lower emissions of harmful pollutants.
  • Lower particulate emissions.
  • Increased engine performance.
  • More power.
  • Lower maintenance costs.
  • Cleaner longer lasting oil due to less carbon.
  • Longer engine life.

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